It’s about accurate & secure pre-operative lesion localisation…

Our range of X-Reidy, Kopans and MReye® breast localisation needles offer a number of options for optimal fixation in a variety of breast tissue types. Each breast localisation needle is uniquely designed to provide accurate placement and secure fixation for pre-operative localisation of non-palpable breast lesions.

  • Range of hook shapes for optimal fixation in a variety of breast tissue types
  • Reinforced wire design reduce the risk of wire damage during surgery
  • Stiffened wire sections provide tactile reference point during surgery
  • Soft, flexible wire sections for improved patient comfort
  • EchoTip® models provide enhanced needle visibility during U/S placement

Product Features:

Kopans breast localisation needles
X-reidy breast localisation needles
MREye breast localisation needles

For more information download our Breast Localisation Needles brochure here.

Our range of Breast Localisation Needles are part of our Breast Solutions Portfolio.

“Designed for accurate placement & secure fixation for pre-operative localisation”

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