New partnership with Mammotome…

We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Leica Biosystems, for the distribution and sale of Mammotome breast biopsy products.

UK Medical’s representation includes technologies in breast care products such as the Mammotome revolve vacuum assisted breast biopsy system, the HydroMARK breast biopsy site marker, the Mammotome Confirm core imaging system and the Neoprobe gamma detection device.

These products, together with a comprehensive range of accessories complement the Achieve™ core biopsy needle manufactured by Merit Medical allowing us to provide you with a full spectrum of products for your breast care needs.

It’s UK Medical breast solutions…


Programmable automatic biopsy system.


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Breast biopsy site marker.


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Mammotome revolve

Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy System.


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Mammotome elite

Tetherless vacuum-assisted breast biopsy device.


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Mammotome Confirm

Core Specimen Radiography System.


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Gamma Detection System.


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It’s only the beginning, look out for more new products soon…