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The Danis Seal is a covered SEMS (Self Expanding Metallic Stent), indicated as a treatment option for oesophageal and gastric leakage from anastomotic wound dehiscence, oesophageal ruptures and perforations. The silicone covered nitinol stent has features to reduce migration in a non-strictured oesophagus.

‘Placements of removable covered SEMs have been described in the care of patients with oesophageal perforations with excellent results. By using removable SEMs, both primary and secondary oesophageal leaks are being treated with reduced hospital stay, fewer adjunctive procedures and early resumption of oral diet’.
Kaman et al 2010

  • Encourages early resumption of oral diet
  • Reduced hospital stays when compared with surgical procedures
  • Fewer adjustive procedures required
  • Tight seal against oesophageal wall mitigates risk of gastric leakage and provides protection across the perforation
  • Migration risk minimised by design meaning fewer interventions
  • Atraumatic advancement through the oesophagus during insertion
  • Highly resistant to acid corrosion and stent fracture
  • Easy placement under fluroscopic guidance
  • Atraumatic removal using dedicated extractor

Product Features:

Danis Seal
Danis Seal features
Danis Seal stent

Other Features of the Danis Seal:

  • Ella extractor assists with safe, atraumatic removal of the Danis seal

  • Delivery system 28F / 18F, active length 75cm

  • Features medical grade alloy retrieval loops with a gold marker at both ends
  • The Danis Seal is a silicone covered nitinol stent
  • The kit contains a delivery system and a Danis Seal

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1. Marx, John A.; Hockberger, Robert S.; Walls, Ron M.; Adams, James, eds. (2010). Rosen’s emergency medicine: concepts and clinical practice. 1 (7th ed.). St. Louis: Mosby/Elsevier. ISBN 978-0-323-05472-0.

“For oesophageal perforations”

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