It’s about precise tumour ablation…

The ECO Medical Saberwave Microwave tumour ablation system provides precise distal tumour positioning allowing a greater degree of control when ablating near to vessels or delicate anatomy. Being the first to the global market for microwave ablation has allowed ECO to fine tune the in-built safety measures, continually improve cooling and shape how the microwave field is generated.

The stable single & dual source power generators, unique antennae active tip design and intelligent real time temperature monitoring, enables efficient ablation of large or small complex lesions.

  • Controlled and targeted ablation zone
  • Option of full power simultaneous dual antenna use for ablation of large or multiple lesions
  • Precisely controlled distal tip placement for confidence when ablating near to vessels or other key anatomical structures
  • User friendly interface and set up
  • Options suitable for a wide range of tumour ablation procedures
  • Easy and accurate tumour penetration and antenna placement
  • Lightweight and ergonomic antenna design

Product Features:

Microwave ablation system
Microwave ablation modes
Microwave ablation system antenna

ECO Saberwave Microwave Ablation System Features:

  • Available with either a single or dual source power generator
  • Clear, easy to use touch screen
  • Real-time proximal tumour edge temperature monitoring

  • 2.45GHz operating frequency

  • Antenna available for CT, MRI & ultrasound guided procedures

  • Antenna are available in a range of sizes & are suitable for use with coaxial needles


Clinical Applications for the ECO Saberwave Microwave Ablation System:

Liver / Lung / Kidney / Spine / Thyroid / Breast / Uterus


Watch the Animation:

“Enables the efficient ablation of large or small complex lesions”

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If you would like further assistance with using our Eco Saberwave Microwave Ablation System range, or need advice on how to order, please call us on: 0114 268 8880