It’s all about atraumatic stent removal…

The ELLA Extractor provides safe, atraumatic removal of ELLA nitinol oesophageal stents using a combined endoscopic and fluoroscopic technique.

Designed to resheath a stent with minimal lateral movement, the ELLA Extractor reduces the risk of damage to oesophageal mucosa.

Particularly suited to removal of the Danis stent for cases with a higher risk of variceal re-bleed, the extractor provides you with peace of mind and enables faster patient recovery.

  • Safe, atraumatic stent removal of Ella nitinol stents
  • Reduces risk of re-intervention
  • Reduced risk of variceal re-bleed
  • Faster patient recovery following stent removal
  • Minimises risk of complications associated with stent removal
  • Versatile oesophageal stent removal
  • Effective removal of migrated stents

Product Features:

Ella Extractor
Ella Extractor
Ella Extractor

Ella Extractor other features:

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“The ELLA Extractor reduces the risk of damage to oesophageal mucosa”

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