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The Kopans Breast Localisation Needle is used for preoperative marking of nonpalpable breast lesions.The Kopans needle features a spring-hook tip.

  • The spring-hook wire acts as a marker to indicate the location of the lesion
  • The Reference burnish mark, when visible just outside the needle hub on the spring-hook wire, provides visual assurance that the hook is within the needle tip during needle manipulation.
  • Reinforced portion of the modified spring-hook wire serves as a visual and palpable landmark that helps the surgeon gauge the distance to the lesion
  • Reinforced wire helps reduce the risk of severing the spring-hook wire.
  • EchoTip® models allow for improved visibility under ultrasound
  • Outer cannula features 1cm increment markings to gauge depth

Product Features:

Other Features:

  • Part of our Breast Solutions Portfolio
  • X-Reidy and MReye® Breast Localisation Needles also available

  • Sharp bevel tip allows for easy placement into soft tissue

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“ The Kopans Breast Localisation Needle features a spring-hook, which acts as a marker to indicate the location of the lesion.”

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