It’s about making each sample count…

Mammotome revolve offers clinicians an efficient and effective way of sampling an area of suspicion whilst automatically segregating high quality tissue cores into individual sample trays.

Available for both stereotactic and ultrasound applications, Mammotome revolve can improve procedural efficiency without compromising on tissue quality enabling you to spend more time caring for the patient rather than processing samples.

  • Automated sample collection and segregation
  • Consistent, diagnostic quality tissue regardless of tissue density and type
  • Satisfy B3 VAE guidelines for 4g of tissue with approximately 12 samples*
  • Comprehensive “in-breast” options and adaptability
  • Expert training, advice and support

Product Features:

Mammotome Revolve Applications
Mammotome revolve vaccuum assisted biopsy system tip
Mammotome revolve dual vac technology
Mammotome revolve sample management
Revolve in breast adaptability
Mammotome revolve - numbers

Mammotome revolve other features:

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“Automatically segregates high quality tissue cores into individual sample trays”

Additional Information

If you would like further assistance with using our Mammotome revolve vacuum assisted breast biopsy system, or need advice on how to order, please call us on: 0114 268 8880