It’s about precise positioning…

The Neo-Sof biliary catheter is designed for ease-of-use, precise positioning and patient comfort. It is available in locking or non-locking pigtail options. It comes with both a metal and a flexible plastic stiffening cannula for maximum procedural flexibility.

The Neo-Sof catheter can be supplied with a direct-connection drainage bag that maintains a safe closed system whilst eliminating the need for, and additional cost of an extra connector.

  • Excellent visualisation during placement with fluoroscopic guidance
  • Facilitates fast drainage
  • Minimal migration facilitated by design ensures best patient comfort and positive outcomes
  • Atraumatic catheter introduction
  • Easy catheter advancement during insertion
  • Fewer interventions required due to high resistance to crush related occlusions
  • Resistant to encrustation facilitating easy removal

Neo-Sof Biliary Catheter Product Features:

Neo-Sof Biliary Catheter Features
Neo-Sof Biliary Catheter

Other features of the Neo-Sof Biliary Catheter:

  • Radiopaque band indicates final proximal side-port for precise positioning
  • A splitable pigtail straightener enables proximal removal

  • Anti-leak hub design on locking catheter

  • The catheter size is clearly visible on hub

  • Shaft mounted drainage holes for internal and external drainage

For more information download our Neo-Sof Biliary Catheter brochure.

“Comes with both a metal and plastic stiffening cannula for procedural flexibility”

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