It’s about preventing migration…
The X-Reidy Breast Localisation Needle is used for preoperative marking of nonpalpable breast lesions. The X-shaped hook tip offers excellent fixation and is designed to prevent migration before the surgical procedure.
  • The X-Reidy Breast Localisation Needle features an X-shaped hook which provides excellent fixation and is intended to limit migration before the procedure
  • The 3 cm long stiff portion of the needle is easily palpated during the procedure
  • The soft, flexible wire portion of the shaft is comfortable for the patient
  • The reinforced wire is easy to locate during the procedure
  • The reinforced wire is intended to reduce the possibility of accidentally cutting the wire
  • Features a two-part positioning needle with trocar introducer

Product Features:

Other Features:

  • Hook wire comes preloaded in loading cannula
  • Part of our Breast Solutions Portfolio

  • Kopans and MReye® Breast Localisation Needles also available

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“ X-shaped hook tip designed to limit migration”

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