It’s about GI Stenting solutions…

Our range of GI stents & ELLA extractor are designed to offer minimally invasive solutions for a number of upper GI diseases in an Endoscopy or Interventional Radiology setting.

We believe in making product selection as simple as possible; our HV+ stent can be used with high success in the vast majority of clinical scenarios where upper GI stenting is indicated. We also strive for innovation; not only does HV+ stent have a unique, patented anti-migration collar, but we have the worlds only biodegradable oesophageal stent designed to be used as an alternative to low or high-frequency balloon dilation for benign strictures.

Danis Stent is the only stent in the UK licensed for tamponading bleeding oesophageal varices and we hope it will dramatically improve clinical outcomes over the next few years following the recent NICE Medical Innovation Briefing. We also supply Danis Seal, offering an alternative to surgery for sealing oesophageal perforations. To remove the stents, the Extractor provides an atraumatic removal system reducing the chance of further complications.

For all things GI stents… we’ve got you covered. View our range of GI Stents and download product literature below:


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BD Stent


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Danis Stent



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Danis Seal


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Ella Extractor


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HV+ Stent



What are GI Stents?

Oesophageal stents are a hollow mesh tube that can be used to widen a narrowing in the oesophagus, allowing patients to have a relatively normal oral diet. Most oesophageal stents are inserted for strictures caused by malignant tumour in the oesophagus, although there are other benign diseases that can cause obstructions too.

A variety of different GI stents are available for different clinical situations, including self-expanding metal stents, covered, partially covered, conformable, removable and biodegradable stents. Find out more below.