It’s about saying thank you…

In this time of uncertainty, we’d just ike to say a huge thank you. Thank you to all the amazing staff working hard in the NHS, every single one of you. Everything you are doing is appreciated by everyone, now more than ever.

We also want to thank our lovely staff at UK Medical. Those who can are working from home (many are being entertained by their pets and little ones), but not all of our staff can work from home. Some of our staff are still coming in, making sure vital orders are still going out. Thank you. You are helping to keep the supply chain to the NHS going.

The UK Medical office is usually a busy place, with around 25 staff in everyday. Now the vast majority of our staff are working from home, with just a handful of staff in the office day-to-day. One positive from this is that there is plenty of space to ensure our staff are practising social distancing.

We’re all trying to do our bit during this difficult time of crisis, some of our staff are supporting loved ones who are self-isolating, some have volunteered to be NHS responders, and some are carrying on as normal, working hard every day.

So many people are working hard and going above and beyond right now and so many wonderful stories are being told of kindness. We hope to share our stories with you as we work through this time together…

Keep an eye on our Coronavirus Update page for any updates on our company situation.

Thank you.