‘It is a wide road that has no pavements’

A tribute to Robert Bardsley

It is hard to believe that it is a year since Robert Bardsley, one of the founder Directors of UK Medical passed away. Robert was a real character with a wicked, irrepressible humour. Robert loved what he did, and he always put the patient first. He was a genuinely lovely man and a true friend to all of us here at UK Medical. Everyone here at UK Medical has so many wonderful, funny stories and memories about Rob, we could write not just a book, but a whole library of books. For anyone wondering what ‘It is a wide road that has no pavements’ means, it was one of Rob’s many sayings.

As a commemoration to Rob, who meant so very much to us all, we intend to name our Board Room after him. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has got in the way of our plans, but we’re hoping to be back on track with this once the pandemic is over. We can’t help but feel that this difficult time would have been made so much easier to bear if Rob were around to cheer us up and get us through this with his banter and larger than life personality.

Rob has left a hole in our hearts and we miss him. God bless, Rob.