UK Medical – The Facts

The Facts, the past & the future…

UK Medical are a South-Yorkshire based SME. They supply a range of disposable interventional medical devices to the NHS and private healthcare sector. Over the past 2 years the company has undergone a management buyout from a larger parent company, allowing them to focus on their goals and ethos and make them stand out from the competition.

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Founded in 1987.

It’s been an interesting journey for UK Medical, originally founded in 1987, and then bought out by CareFusion in 2012. Becton Dickinson then purchased the company in 2015. In 2017 they came full circle and became an independent company once again.

Personal Touch.

One of the huge benefits of being an SME is being able to add a personal touch to their service. UK Medical pride themselves on their after-sales service, training and support. The Team is small, so when a customer calls the office they are greeted by friendly knowledgeable staff, not an automated message.

Changing Patient Pathways.

Increased pressure on the NHS, coupled with the fact that the total number if NHS hospital beds in England has decreased by more than half in the last 30 years, means there is a constant need to rethink care delivery and the technology used. UK Medical choose their products in a way that mirrors the needs of the NHS. The products are all clinically proven and designed to save the NHS money and provide better patient outcomes.

One of the biggest challenges UK Medical faces is trying to demonstrate the benefits of a product to those in procurement. While a UK Medical product may cost more than a competitor product, the overall savings to the NHS by using it could be greater, and communicating this can be difficult. A product may be less invasive, resulting in faster recovery times, putting less pressure on the NHS in terms of aftercare and use of beds. The key is to look at the patient pathway as a whole.

Staff are the greatest asset.

In a market that is seeing a large amount of consolidation, UK Medical bucked the trend by completing a buyout in 2017. As an SME with a strong focus on customer relations and after-sales service, UK Medical place a lot of faith in their staff.

Managing Director Ian Aaron commented “We place great faith in our talented staff. We have a company manifesto that encourages respect and passion while also listening to the needs of customers. Our staff build relationships, internally and externally. Our customers and suppliers tell us how much they enjoy working with us.”

Future growth is planned.

UK Medical want to remain an SME, but plans for expansion are already underway. The number of staff is set to increase as the breadth of products also increases. Emphasis will remain on providing a patient-centred approach, with the personal focus they are known for.

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