UK Medical to supply IZI Breast Localisation Needles

Distribution & sale of X-Reidy, MReye® and Kopans Breast Localisation Needles

Breast Localisation Needles and Wires remain the gold standard for marking non-palpable breast lesions. These are often placed by the Breast Imaging Team, where the imaging technology helps locate the abnormality. The surgeon can then use the wire as a guide during surgery.

Breast Screening and Breast Imaging is a constantly evolving and dynamic field. Breast imaging teams are now able to identify very small abnormalities which may need to be removed by a surgeon. These abnormalities may be so small that they can’t be felt by a patient or a clinician, which can make finding the abnormality difficult in a surgical environment.

IZI Medical has recently acquired Cooks range of X-Reidy, MReye® and Kopans Breast Localisation Needles.

As a distributor of various IZI products in the UK, UK Medical are pleased to announce that they will be managing the distribution and sale of these well-established products.

This represents UK Medical’s second major addition to their breast portfolio in the last 18 months, following the addition of the Mammotome range of vacuum biopsy equipment and the HydroMARK breast marker clips.

The addition of IZI’s range of localisation needles ensure that UK Medical can offer a comprehensive range of products for clinicians needs.

Shown above: The X-Reidy Breast Localisation Needles being manufactured by hand


X-Reidy Breast Localisation Needle

The X-Reidy Breast Localisation Needle features an X-shaped hook, that provides excellent fixation and is intended to limit migration before the procedure. The 3cm long, stiff portion of the needle is easily palpated during the procedure. The soft, flexible wire portion of the shaft is comfortable for the patient. The X-Reidy features reinforced wire, making it easy to locate during the procedure and also reduce the possible risk of accidentally cutting the wire.

MReye® Breast Localisation Coil

The MReye® Breast Localisation Coil features an EchoTip® needle which allows for increased visibility under ultrasound. The coil acts as a marker to indicate the location of the lesion. The device is MR conditional up to 3 tesla.

Kopans Breast Localisation Needle

The Kopans Breast Localisation Needle is used for preoperative marking of nonpalpable breast lesions. It features a spring-hook, which acts as a marker to indicate the location of the lesion.

The reference burnish mark, when visible just outside the needle hub on the spring-hook wire, provides visual assurance that the hook wire is within the needle tip during needle manipulation.

The reinforced portion of the modified spring-hook wire serves as a visual and palpable landmark that helps the surgeon gauge the distance to the lesion during dissection and reduces the risk of severing the spring-hook wire. The EchoTip® models allow for improved visibility under ultrasound.